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photos by Mike Riggs


One Year Lease, 2004

a play by Jean Anouilh (after Sophocles)
in a translation by Lewis Galantiere

directed by Ianthe Demos

scenery by James Hunting

costumes by Kay Lee

sound by Sarah Pucillo

presented as a part of the unConvention (opposite the 2004 Republican nominating convention in New York) at the Abingdon Theater

Only Chorus, Creon, Antigone and Haemon are played by live actors.  All other characters in the play are represented by stacks of sandbags (with voiceovers by various actors, captured and manipulated by sound designer Sarah Pucillo.  Backdrop photography is incorporated into the lighting design; it’s used for texture (like a gobo) as well as for representation.

The design of the production is very effective in its simple, direct style—the floor of the playing area is covered in sand, and the stacks of bags are the only set. Throughout the production, photographic images of the first Gulf War are projected on the back wall. I was particularly impressed by the work of lighting designer Mike Riggs, who manages to create a rich atmosphere in the small space, without ever leaving a speaking actor unlit or interfering with the projections. And his lighting on a repeated visual effect of raining sand is beautiful.

-David DelGrosso, nytheatre.com

photos by John Demos

from an earlier production at Teatro Technis in Athens, 2001

scenery by Cristina Capello; costumes by Karen Larkin