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photos by Ryan Jensen

Cape Disappointment

The Debate Society, 2008

a world premiere play by Hannah Bos and Paul Thureen

directed and directed by Oliver Butler

scenery by Karl Allen

costumes by Sydney Maresca

sound by Nathan Leigh

at P.S. 122, New York City

Like some inbred lovechild of Richard Foreman and Robert Altman (who is babysat on the weekends by David Lynch)...

Director Oliver Butler and the show’s designers have outdone themselves... along with [Karl] Allen’s thorough scenic design, lighting designer Mike Riggs’ piercing assortment of distant headlights and rotating lighthouse beacons deserves much esteem. Thanks to the innovative design, the show can peek furtively out of the shadows and through the floorboards or just bounce in the dark with a flickering flashlight—you only catch glimpses of action and are allowed to fill in the blanks yourself.

A singular experience of high style and excellent craftsmanship...

- Mitch Montgomery, OffOffOnline.com