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Iphigenia Crash-Land Falls on the Neon Shell That Was Once Her Heart (A Rave Fable)

One Year Lease, 2006

a play by Caridad Svich

directed by Ianthe Demos

scenery by James Hunting

costumes by Kay Lee

sound by Dave Chessman

video by Brian Michael Thomas

at Walker Space, New York City

A rich mise-en-scene ... moments of stirring beauty ... Lit obliquely by a single misty beam, a girl lies spread-eagled in the dust...

- Helen Shaw, The New York Sun

One Year Lease, which has a reputation for high production values, does not disappoint ... While sensory overload is the norm, the directors and their production team also appreciate the power of stillness... in some of the concluding scenes ... the torrent of words, lights and images tapers off and  a still, softly lit landscape emerges where the TV screens reflect only the action itself onstage.

- Deirdre McFadyen, OffOffOnline.com

The set design and spectacular lighting amplify and support the complex imagery of the play.

- Virginia Glynn, Playbill.com